The audiovisual world is a highly specialized one. Because AV is so commonplace in our society, many people have a basic understanding of it, yet few have the true depth of knowledge necessary to engineer or properly configure a professional AV system. Trained and certified AV professionals need a knowledge of acoustics, optics, electronics, construction, and IT, as well as an understanding of general business principles that impact how our technologies are used in the real world. If you are sick of the headaches of dealing with the ever-increasing AV demands of your enterprise, or sick of trying to find that perfect AV staffer with experience and training, we have a solution for you – Net-AV’s innovative new AV-as-a-Service offering.

What is AV-as-a-Service? In its simplest form, AVaaS is outsourced AV management, service and support from an expert AV company for a reasonable monthly or quarterly payment. The level and amount of services is negotiable, as is the payment. You simply sign an AVaaS contract, and enjoy pain-free AV during the contract duration. Just check out some of the features available under the AVaaS umbrella from Net-AV:

Managed Services Offerings
With an active AVaaS contract, any and all of our Managed AV/IT Services that are appropriate for your organization are at your disposal. This provides you with Remote Management & Monitoring, Asset Management, Lifecycle Management & Planning, Needs Analysis & Assessment, AV Consulting & Design, Construction & Project Management, Staffing Augmentation and Standard Service & Support.

Unified Communications & Collaboration Services
From Cloud-based videoconferencing and Virtual Meeting Rooms to traditional codecs and hardware-based solutions, the world of UCC is at your command with AVaaS contracts. From assessing your needs for spaces as large as executive board rooms to flex-rooms and huddle spaces to discussions about lighting and environmental design for optimal conferencing experiences, the full gamut of VTC and UCC services is available to our AVaaS clients.

Traditional AV Products and Services
AVaaS customers also reap the benefits of our decades of experience in the traditional AV world. Needs Analysis, System Design & Planning, Installation & Integration, Programming & Configuration, Lifecycle Management & Services (including technology moves and end-of-life removal & disposal or recycling), Facilities Integration, Service & Support – all part of our Traditional offerings and all available to clients as part of AVaaS as needed. Net-AV’s long experience and excellent reputation in the Traditional AV world mean we have great relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers, meaning competitive pricing and outstanding response for Design/Build projects. However, with an AVaaS contract, we can also design and administrate a bidding process for you involving other AV integrators and act as Owner’s Representative and Project Manager for the installation, coordinating all the project stakeholders (IT, Facilities, trades, etc).


Overall, the goal of Net-AV’s AV-as-a-Service offering is to give our customers a technology partner who will bring trust, experience, and responsibility to every job, large or small, and take the headaches and heartburn out of the process. We are passionate about technology and its ability to transform organizations, bring the world together and unite individuals towards a common purpose. We have the tools and the skills to simplify presenting, collaborating and communicating, and we want to share them with you.